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Turn your marketing costs into your best investment

"A correct diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy."

We exist to make your marketing investments work harder for you. We make sense of the big picture 'what and why' questions and transform the answers into successful in-market strategies. Led by consumer and market insights, we identify your best opportunities and create high-impact marketing initiatives designed to measurably drive your business forward.  

We’re with you along the whole journey, from internal process audits, primary and secondary research, to business planning, team briefings and backend KPI monitoring. We measure and ensure your success every step of the way.

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There is no treatment without diagnosis. Tailfeather puts your business under a microscope - we work with you in understanding the health of your organization, the risks it faces, and unique opportunities to leverage. Services here include:

  • Objective-setting

  • Workshop moderation

  • Internal process audits

  • Marketing and financial reviews

Level Up

Information is currency - fill your knowledge gaps transforming unknowns into knowns, empowering you to plan for the future with the confidence that any unwelcome surprises are mitigated and every prime opportunity is targeted.

Our work includes over 15 years' experience in forensic secondary as well as rigorous quantitative and qualitative primary research.


With extensive experience building strategic plans and in-market approaches for some of Canada’s biggest brands, we will bring your market and consumer insights to life to solve your objectives and help you take control of the fate of your business.  

Building on a strategic plan, we will procure resourcing and guide in-market execution to ensure your vision for your business becomes a reality. 

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Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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